"We help anyone with a battery problem -
quickly, honestly and effectively
while wearing a smile!"


550 North Nimitz Hwy

Mon-Fri 8am – 5pm
Sat 8am – 4pm
Sun 8am – 2pm


960 Ahua St. (Mapunapuna)

Mon-Fri  7:00am – 5pm
Saturday  8am – 4pm
Sunday  CLOSED


76A Keaa St.  (HILO – NOW OPEN)

Mon-Fri  8:00am – 4pm
Saturday  8am – 12pm
Sunday  CLOSED


The most complete selection of Batteries in Hawaii – since 1982!

Batteries are Stocked Locally at our 2 Convenient Locations. We offer the best value in town. Ask about Delivery!

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Battery Bill’s – The Best Deal in Town!

Battery Report Cards – We test EVERY BATTERY

Northstar – BEST battery
Interstate – Most POPULAR
Charge by battery bill – Best VALUE
Also carrying: Optima, Oddyssey

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All Batteries come with a report card that guarantee they are fully charged.


Car Batteries start as low as $35 and are installed while you wait, no appointment necessary.


We recycle

What are Battery Report Cards?

As a battery is shipped and stored, it loses its charge. Other places do not monitor the batteries once they receive them, so they are sold already depleted.  Battery Bill’s monitors and tests every battery and makes sure you get a fully charged battery.

Our Batteries Last Longer

Did you know our humid climate shortens the life of your batteries?  Battery Bill searched the world to find batteries suitable to Hawaii’s warmer climate so they will outlast any other standard battery.

We Recycle!

Battery Bill is committed to recycling spent batteries as a means to reduce waste in our landfills, stop harmful chemicals from contaminating our soil and water, and preserve our environment by decreasing the need for new raw materials from the Earth. When you shop at Battery Bills we will recycle your old batteries.


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My cellular phone died to the point I wasn’t even able to charge it to retrieve my valuable information on it. Both my cellular company and my I.T. person told me to go to Battery Bills…..Done. Customer service ROCKS!  Mahalo for the aloha!

Cloudless L
Cloudless LYelper

After ignoring the “low key battery” notifications for a bit too long, I found myself in urgent need of a new battery yesterday or I didn’t think I’d be able to unlock my car again.  A quick Yelp search brought me here and I was literally in and out the door of the store in less than five minutes.

Literally walked in, told them what I needed, had them change the battery for me (which is good since I can’t for the life of me open the thing myself), paid and went on my merry way. Best part of all? One battery cost less than any where I’ve purchased before.

Super happy with the customer service, pricing and location. I’m sure to be back next time I procrastinate to the point of almost needing to break the glass to get into my car 🙂

Adrienne B
Adrienne BElite Yelper

Whenever my car battery starts coughing and wheezing during startup, I try to get it replaced right away.  In the past I ‘d gone to Sears Ala Moana for convenience, but since they no longer exist,  I had to find another vendor.
After doing a quick search, Battery Bill ‘s came up as recommended place, so I gave them a try.  I’m so glad I did.

I called ahead and they were able to confirm immediately they had my car battery.  I walked in during lunchtime and was in and out of the shop with a new battery installed in 10 minutes!  They charged $10 for the labor and double-checked to see if my alternator was still good.  They also warranty their car batteries for a year. Cheap, fast, and good!  Rare you ever find all three.  I’ll be back to check out their other batteries too.

Ryan K.
Ryan K. Elite Yelper