Hawaii’s First Self-Sustaining Off Grid Classroom

Honolulu, Hawaii, April 18, 2016 — Docked at Kalani High School sits a complete off grid self-sustaining mobile classroom/Maker-Space named, MakeMobile (MM). ImagineWorks a 501(c)(3) organization just completed a fully energy self-sufficient classroom suited to be transported anywhere across the island. This project, developed by the non-profit ImagineWorks is in response to the needs of the community to provide S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education more accessibly. MakeMobile; a public Maker-Space environment on wheels is available for deployment statewide.

The masterminds of MakeMobile consist of a young leadership team who are recent graduates or current Engineering students of the University of Hawaii. They believe strongly in life changing opportunities S.T.E.M. programs provided them in High School. Here and now, they are able to give back and create these same opportunities for the youth of Completing a Maker-Space is an environment set in a 40 ft modified container that transforms and expands into an open classroom environment; providing essential tools, equipment and knowledge for educational opportunities. It allows for rapid design, prototyping and manufacturing of an idea or concept using Computer-Aided Design, 3-D printers and other fabrication equipment.

MakeMobile is an unique facility utilizing renewable energy technology including photovoltaic, harnessing the power of the sun to generate electricity. The excess energy is then stored in a battery bank providing a stable supply of electricity. Students will have the experience and access to new technologies in a modern, inspiring and transforming MakeMobile began its construction in late 2015 and is still in progress. With the addition of the 9 Aquion Salt Water

Batteries (www.aquionenergy.com) most recently personally funded by the young leadership team and supported by Battery Bill’s LLC, the project facility is now 50% complete. To celebrate and acknowledge ImagineWorks’ mission, Battery Bill’s LLC has donated time and labor to MakeMobile with the islands first Battery Bill shipment of Aquion batteries. Consequently, there is now enough power to launch this project for the community adequately.

Battery Bill is in full support of giving life with batteries. Battery Bill’s most positive attitude is contagious as he shares, “Imagination paired with enthusiasm, will equal energy! I am so proud of these young fellows as they embark on a mission to help others with their skill set and drive. I wish I were that young again! 30 years ago, I was just like them! Anything I can do to help the world of energy and the future, I am all for it!” states Battery Bill.

Dr. Aaron Hanai from Kapiolani Community College, a S.T.E.M. Professor enthusiastically shares, “I’m very excited about the emerging MakeMobile because it is the perfect intersection of S.T.E.M. education, community outreach, and sustainability. First of all, as a maker space, it will promote the development of creativity and critical thinking skills. Second, being mobile, it allows for broader student engagement in the local community. Finally, utilization of novel technologies like the nontoxic salt water batteries connected to photovoltaic systems will advocate for sustainability efforts that are so critical to our islands.”

“I’m thrilled that our classroom is finally powered and we can start making a difference in our community. I’m looking forward to how this environment will transform in the next few months with new equipment, curriculums and programs.” gleed President of ImagineWorks, Eric Teshima. Eric Teshima looks forward to upcoming programs that will start shortly and is happy the facility is ready in time for the summer sessions. An inaugural Make Academy program is set for this summer 2016. (www.imagineworks.org).    Now that the facility is ready, there is more work to be done that includes retrofitting with equipment and programs. ImagineWorks is still in need and support from the community.



About Imagine Works

ImagineWorks (IW) is a registered Hawaii 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, non-partisan organization. IW under their new leadership was reestablished in 2015. The organization pursues to make S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and robotics education more accessible to the community. IW operates exclusively for educational, scientific, and charitable purposes, providing more youths in our community the opportunities to hands-on critical-thinking learning. IW vision is to develop a S.T.E.M. and robotics community regardless of enrolled school, educational status, age, gender and demographics. The facilities equipment, resources and professional personals are consolidated to benefit the community more broadly, efficiently and effectively. www.imagineworks.org


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